Elizabeth Blaise Counselling and Psychotherapy
in Kings Cross, Hampstead, Harley Street & Online

How I Work

My way of working is underpinned by an unconditional acceptance of who you are. I offer support and encouragement whilst holding a deep trust in your innate capacity for self-healing.

My transpersonal approach to counselling and psychotherapy aims to support you in connecting to your inner strengths and untapped potential.

Transpersonal counselling and psychotherapy describes the spiritual dimension which underpins all therapy. It is essentially about finding wholeness, expanding consciousness and living a more authentic, personally meaningful and fulfilling life.

Each individual responds differently to personal difficulties and life challenges and there is no proof that any one theoretical approach works better than all others. Consequently, I draw on a range of therapeutic models. These might include psychodynamic (exploring early life or looking to the past for the roots of your current life challenges); humanistic (helping you to access the inner resources already within you so that you can better deal with and resolve the issue you face); CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy - examining your core beliefs about yourself and the world and modifying these where necessary ); existential and Jungian (exploring meaning - of life in general, as well as the meaning of specific issues that you bring to the psychotherapy and counselling sessions). I also offer EMDR therapy.

I have particular expertise in working with dreams and often include creative imagination techniques (eg. art work and visualisations) into our work together, if this proves helpful for you.

I often incorporate embodied mindfulness into therapy sessions. Mindfulness is a specific way of intentionally focusing on your thoughts, feelings and body-felt sense, moment by moment. By becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings and body sensations, you can learn how to ‘catch’ and manage your moment-to-moment experience, before becoming overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings or caught up in repetitive behaviours.

How we work together always depends on the outcomes you want from the therapy or counselling sessions and what feels most beneficial and useful for you.

In all instances I adhere to UKCP Code of Ethics, work in strict confidentiality and offer therapy as a safe space in which you can freely express and explore whatever you bring to sessions.

If you would like to book an initial session to find out if therapy or counselling can help, please contact me by email or phone.

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